Compost Crank® Twist

Compost Crank® Twist corkscrew compost aerator

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Introducing the new way to crank up your compost heap!

Same great spiral, same working length as our original tool, different handle. The Compost Crank® Twist works well in any bin. The corkscrew design easily digs into any sort of compost, whether it’s light leaves or dense sticks and vines. Twist in clockwise with one or two hands, and lift straight up without turning to pull compost up from the bottom, thoroughly mixing and aerating your bin. No jabbing, pushing, or prying necessary. Built to last for as long as you compost, the Twist will be there ready to mix your pile whenever you are.

Read customer reviews of the Compost Crank®  Twist below.

  • Handcrafted in Tucson, Arizona, USA on machinery made from recycled parts.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Made of sturdy 3/8 inch solid round stainless steel bar.
  • Comfortable cushioned grip made in the USA.
  • Curved cane handle is perfect for easy left, right, or two handed cranking.
  • The curved handle is also an excellent grip for lifting the tool when heavy with compost.
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Length: 32 inches
  • Working depth: 29 inches
  • The tools are handcrafted so minor variations are inherent


“Yippeee!!! I just received my compost crank. After 3 failed turners over a decade or so, I am overjoyed to find a product that is perfectly engineered and a delight to use. How great to turn up those neglected corners and find dark, soft, perfect humus! I am singing your praises and will share this with our local garden stores (each of which offered me a pitchfork when I asked for a compost turner) and my fellow vegetarians. Thank you for quality and ingenuity!” – S. Leviton

“This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I was poking around and kept seeing the compost aerators with those wings that pop out. I didn’t love the design (seemed just asking to break) but didn’t know there was an alternative. I am SO GLAD that I found this! It is easy to use, very sturdy, and has no parts that can break. Absolutely ingenious. And the company seems very cool (made in the U.S. on recycled machinery). This does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and my compost is as happy as can be. The only shame is that this is not the go-to compost aerator for everyone. It should be!!” – C. Joy

This is the BEST compost aerator I’ve tried!! I bought it about a month ago and love it. It’s easy to use, very effective and no moving parts to jam, break or rust off. I wish I had discovered this years ago! I’ve tried several compost turners with “wings” and this is much much better. I was able to aerate the whole pile – even the bottom water-soaked heavy layer. Thanks Lotech for inventing this!” – KEM

I love this aerator. Like that it’s US made. This manufacturer sells a similar aerator with a different crank handle, but this one’s much cheaper (half the cost) and has the same working depth. I find it completely effective and easy to use. My composter is about 3’x3’x4′ and filled with kitchen scraps alternated with 4-6″ layers of straw. It does a great job of getting down to the bottom and pulling up heavy, matted materials to the surface. And it works fast – I don’t want to spend any more time than I have to moving smelly compost around.

I’m still surprised when I find a well designed, well manufactured item for a fair price. There are lots of aerators out there that are highly ineffective and break under the weight of what they’re trying to move around.” – S. Romero

Works great for turning and aerating the contents of a compost bin which can be hard to turn with a fork or shovel in the confines of a bin. Light weight. Easy to use. Not much muscle power required. Screw it in and pull it up. Really brings the bottom of the pile up to the top. If you pull up more than your strength allows, just [unscrew] a bit and pull up less at a time. Then screw in again to bring up the lower layers a little at a time. I am not that strong and have no problem bringing up the lowest levels of the pile and my back and arms are not tired at all. Glad I got it. Not much effort at all to keep the bin’s contents mixed.” – Amazon Customer

I have tried the compost tools with the little wings that never worked right. The compost crank does exactly what they say it does. When I used it the first time I didn’t realize how wet my compost was at the bottom of the pile. I strongly recommend to everyone interested in composting to purchase this tool.The construction of the compost tool Is A1. The Stainless steel construction will allow you to keep it outside with no worries of ever rusting. Thanks low-tech which I think is high tech for inventing such a great tool.” – Chet










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  1. A+
    Grandma and Val took a look at your site…very impressive!
    Congratulations on your fine product. You must be very proud of yourselves. I know Grandma is proud of you!


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