If you have a compost bin, you probably need to mix it up every so often. How do you do that? Do you heave it all into another bin? Do you use shovel or pitchfork? Maybe you have a winged aerator tool? Well, you might be interested in a Compost Crank® to make the job easier, faster, and so you're less likely to put it off until later.

The original Compost Crank® is a tool invented by Charles Ambrose back in 1991 to help make composting easier on himself and his back. The corkscrew design glides into any compost material you may have in your bin, then simply lift up to turn and aerate. Take a look at the video below to see them in action.

All of our tools are proudly made by us in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Using high quality, durable, and maintenance-free materials. We also offer a 365 day, no reason needed return policy. Feel free to try it in your compost bin, and if you don't love it, we will pay for return shipping and give a complete refund.

The Compost Crank® line of compost aerator tools is very highly rated and recommended by the composters who use them. The original Compost Crank® is rated 4.8/5, and the Compost Crank Twist™ is 4.7/5 (ratings from Amazon.com with over 100 reviews as of 9/23/2019).

"Last time I turned this pile I removed the [compost bin], moved it, and used a pitchfork. Took me nearly an hour. With this tool there’s no moving of the bin/pile, and in five minutes I’d turned and aerated my pile." - Tracy from Amazon

Crank (noun) 1. an eccentric person, especially one who is obsessed by a particular subject or theory.

Compost Crank® (noun) 1. a device that makes it easy to mix and aerate contents of a compost bin. 2. a person who really loves to compost!