Expert Review

“I use the Compost Crank in my home, community, and church gardens. It aerates the compost contents better than a pitchfork or shovel, and it’s easier on the back.”

- Ellen Kirby. Director of Brooklyn GreenBridge, an outreach gardening program through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York City.

Business Review

“Our organization picked up 25,000 gallons of waste at restaurants and kitchens throughout Lexington in 2012 and we turned every bit of that (while keeping our backs straight!) with the help of Lotech’s Compost Crank. This tool is great, and I recommend it to anyone with a pile to turn.”

- Ryan Koch. Seedleaf. Lexington, KY.

Professional Review

“My advice: don’t wrestle with an angry bear. Instead get yourself the Compost Crank. I tried it out this season and have fallen madly in love. It is super-easy to use and makes it remarkably easy to turn your compost.”

- Shawna Coronado. Garden author, photographer, blogger, speaker, and more.

Warning: Use of this tool has been known to cause people to rave about it to nongardening/noncomposting friends which makes them believe that you have finally lost your mind. Courtesy of Dan Speece, Mt. Airy, MD (The Duke of Dirt)


We were a finalist in Green America's Winter 2016 People and Planet Award!

We were nominated for Green America’s People and Planet Award for Winter 2016! Below is an excerpt of our bio from that event.

Lotech Products is a cottage industry manufacturing company that makes two compost aerating tools for home and community composters. It’s owned and operated by us — the Ambrose Family, Charlie, Sharon, Brendan, and Brian in Tucson, Arizona. It began when a family member saw this funny looking metal object leaning against a tree in our backyard. After showing her what it was she exclaimed, “That works so well, I bet other composters would want to use it!”

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