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"We're easy to use!" That is what our tools would say if they could talk. But they can't, so we have to say it ourselves and try really, really hard to sound modest because no one likes a bragger. Right? Anyway, they really are. In fact our quality, handcrafted, made in the USA compost aerator tools are not only easy to use, they are highly effective and extremely long lasting. So much for the not bragging part. Here’s how to use them and how they work. They are not just a one-trick pony. There we go, again. Pick up the tool, of your choice, with both hands on the handles and just crank or twist the beveled spiral tip clockwise into your compost only a short way and pull out without turning the handles, just like a corkscrew. Material will stick to the spiral end and come to the top, which allows, once a manageable layer is loosened and fluffed, to turn the tool into the next layer. Repeat in the same manner, and before you know it you've turned your entire bin. Even to every corner. Remember, if you have too much material on the spiral to comfortably lift, just crank backwards to adjust the load. Take care to not dig into the dirt below, unless you want to. It would add good things to your compost. Not only can you mix, aerate, and add moisture to your pile, you can also dig a hole in the center to bury fresh material or to let a too wet mix dry out faster. And you can also dig down to the bottom to check progress or to get finished compost out. Always remember to use good body mechanics. Stand close to the bin and lift the tool out using the legs. Then there is no strain on your back or the edge of your bin! Again, be sure that when picking up or using both tools, your hands are firmly gripping both of the handles. Thank you for your interest in our products and for visiting our site! However you make compost, the really important thing is to do it. Please see each products’ page for specific information and photos. For more reviews, please see some here, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Amazon. Thanks, again!


  • Testimonial

    Professional Review “My advice: don’t wrestle with an angry bear. Instead get yourself the Compost Crank. I tried it out this season and have fallen madly in love. It is super-easy to use and makes it remarkably easy to turn your compost.”

    - Shawna Coronado. Garden author, photographer, blogger, speaker, and more.

  • Testimonial

    Business Review “Our organization picked up 25,000 gallons of waste at restaurants and kitchens throughout Lexington in 2012 and we turned every bit of that (while keeping our backs straight!) with the help of Lotech’s Compost Crank. This tool is great, and I recommend it to anyone with a pile to turn.”

    - Ryan Koch. Seedleaf. Lexington, KY.

  • Testimonial
    Expert Review “I use the Compost Crank in my home, community, and church gardens. It aerates the compost contents better than a pitchfork or shovel, and it’s easier on the back.”

    - Ellen Kirby. Director of Brooklyn GreenBridge, an outreach gardening program through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York City.

Sharing some of life in the beautiful desert southwest

We are Lotech Products. Inventors and manufacturers of the original corkscrew compost aerator, the Compost Crank®, and now the Compost Crank® Twist. We are also, the Ambrose Family. Composters, tinkerers, and lovers of everything. Mostly gardening, cooking, hiking, rain, and books! All in the beautiful Sonoran desert. We care deeply about our planet, everyone gardening, and providing the highest quality, most effective, and easiest to use composting tools and accessories. We manufacturer each one with the utmost care here in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Our spirit of sustainability and up-cycling goes well beyond the tools we make to promote home composting. Each Crank and Twist is handcrafted by us on machinery we built using recycled parts, and each piece of our minimal packaging is compostable, recyclable, or both! You can even compost the packing tape! (We love it! It’s from EcoEnclose.) We’re in this business to help others, help their gardens grow green, all living things, really, and to keep our planet healthy!


And many happy turns,

The Ambrose Family

Our mission is to make the easiest, most effective, and most fun way to make compost,

so that you’ll no longer see it as a chore, you’ll love it!

And you’ll do it more often!

Even have more bins! (Maybe. See how you feel.)

Compost with us!