Please read and follow these important tool instructions. A few were suggested from our customers, which we greatly appreciate. If others have any to add, please send us an email.

-While turning compost, do not try to pull the tools out of the material if it is too difficult. Crank or twist the tools backward, until you can comfortably lift the compost. Once the top layer is loosened (fluffed), you can turn the next layer, and so on, until the entire bin is turned.

-Remember To Use Good Body Mechanics: Stand close to the Compost Crank® or Twist when lifting it, and lift straight up using the legs.

-Always remember to pick up or hold the tools with one hand on each handle or hold onto an unmoving, non-rotating section.

-Take care and be mindful that the tool can spiral down into whatever you have beneath your compost.

-Supervise use with or around children and store safely away, as with all garden tools.

Thank you for using our compost aerators safely!