Susan Leviton. Artist and singer.
"Yippeee!!! I just received my compost crank. After 3 failed turners over a decade or so, I am overjoyed to find a product that is perfectly engineered and a delight to use. How great to turn up those neglected corners and find dark, soft, perfect humus! I am singing your praises and will share this with our local garden stores (each of which offered me a pitchfork when I asked for a compost turner) and my fellow vegetarians. Thank you for quality and ingenuity!"
Shawna Coronado. Garden author, photographer, blogger, speaker, and more.
“My advice: don’t wrestle with an angry bear. Instead get yourself the Compost Crank. I tried it out this season and have fallen madly in love. It is super-easy to use and makes it remarkably easy to turn your compost.”
Ryan Koch. Seedleaf. Lexington, KY.
“Our organization picked up 25,000 gallons of waste at restaurants and kitchens throughout Lexington in 2012 and we turned every bit of that (while keeping our backs straight!) with the help of Lotech’s Compost Crank. This tool is great, and I recommend it to anyone with a pile to turn.”
Ellen Kirby. Director of Brooklyn GreenBridge, an outreach gardening program through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York City.
“I use the Compost Crank in my home, community, and church gardens. It aerates the compost contents better than a pitchfork or shovel, and it’s easier on the back.”
Bill Maynard. Community Garden Program Coordinator of the City of Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation, and President of the American Community Garden Association. "FYI The first order was received today and I already used it :) An awesome tool!"
Here are some customer comments:
"Works GREAT! Pulls up compost from the bottom very well. Breaks up compost well. Cleans easily. Works much better than any other tool for compost that we've used. Have recommended it to friends & family. Great product! Thanks!"
L. Bogert
Napa, CA
"I was very pleased with your promptness in filling my order. This tool was all it claimed to be in your ad. It is well engineered and very easy to use. It does the job. I have purchased and scrapped two other tools which did not stir the compost well and only lasted a month or a little over. I get compost in 1/2 to 1/3 the time by using this stirrer."  
Roy L. Smith  
Sarasota, FL
"I purchased this for my husband as I thought it would be too hard for me to use, but it isn't! I am the gardener (although my husband does the heavy work), but I am using the Compost Crank myself and it's great!"
R. Jerman
Anacorts, WA
"I think your product is the best! I don't mind at all turning the compost pile because now it is almost fun instead of a real chore. My sister was here in May and used it and just loved it. I believe she ordered one from you, also, after that. Thanks for a great product!"
Sara Orr
Phoenix, AZ
"This thing is fantastic! I live in a mobile home park so the only way I could have a compost pile is in a trash can that I drilled holes in. It was very difficult to turn the compost and I could never get down to the bottom until I bought this crank. It is easy to use and pulls the bottom up so well. I also like that when something gets snagged onto it all you have to do is turn it backwards and the snagged pieces come off. No grabbing anything with your hands. I have had mine for quite a few years now, probably over 5 but I can't really remember exactly, and I leave it outside right next to my bins. It still works just fine despite being subjected to rain, snow, ice, sun, and whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at me."
Denise in NJ
"I like my Compost Crank so much I plan to buy more for Xmas presents. You hit it right on the head. I can't think of a single improvement, the quality is great. My wife likes it because now the compost gets turned more often. It makes that chore so much easier. Thank you."
Steve Norton
Rio Rancho, NM
"The crank just arrived, I immediately tried it in my composting bin, what a treat, went through the material like butter, easy to use and does a fantastic job, great design, thanks for making such a sturdy useful tool." 
from Virginia
"Compost Crank is the product of perception and ingenuity: it anticipates and solves every little compost puzzle: it is solidly built and operates with satisfying fluidity. Compost Crank fulfills its promises - and then some."
Kay Arden Elliot
Boston, MA
"This is an easy way to turn my compost bin. Even with a debilitating injury to my right hand, I can aerate my compost quickly and efficiently. The Compost Crank has made a real difference in the speed of decomposition."
Tom Jones, Master Composter
Home Composting Education Program
Santa Clara County, California