Compost Crank® compost aerator
Compost Crank® compost aerator Compost Crank® compost aerator Compost Crank® compost aerator
$ 87.75

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The original corkscrew compost aerator!

The Compost Crank® makes it easy to "turn" green.. and brown! It penetrates any material like an auger. Crank the tool into your compost clockwise and lift without turning. Material clings to the spiral, pulling compost up from the bottom. You can thoroughly mix and aerate, or move material to active areas of the pile. The tool is easy for anyone to use and reaches every corner of the bin. It is also lightweight, so you are lifting the compost and not the tool. The free-spinning handles are molded to fit comfortably in your hands, and make the “cranking” motion a breeze! No jabbing, pushing, or prying necessary.


  • Handcrafted in Tucson, Arizona, USA on machinery made from recycled parts.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Made of sturdy 3/8 inch solid round stainless steel bar.
  • Decorative, certified water safe, solid copper end cap.
  • Free-spinning, naturally UV stable, black nylon handles.
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Length: 45 inches
  • Working depth: 29 inches
  • The tools are handcrafted so minor variations are inherent
  • Handling time: Please allow for a handling time of 4-5 business days. This extra time is to allow for a surge in orders. We will usually ship in 1-2 business days.
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Warning: Use of this tool has been known to cause people to rave about it to nongardening/noncomposting friends which makes them believe that you have finally lost your mind. Courtesy of Dan Speece, Mt. Airy, MD (The Duke of Dirt)

Note: If you are interested in a longer tool for your composting toilet, we are making available a 52 inch version of the Compost Crank®. We have made a new page for this tool which you can view here.

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Past Reviews

“I just got this delivered last week. My initial impression couldn’t be better. The crank handle effortlessly moves the screw into the pile, and you have great leverage to pull up a plug of stuff from the bottom to the top. I’ve got a fairly large black plastic circular bin right now and in about 10 minutes of slight exertion I was able to give the pile the best turn it’s had outside of me using a shovel. Excellent, excellent, excellent. It was fairly easy for me to screw down too far, to the point where I couldn’t lift the plug, but reversing a couple of cranks solved the issue and a little patience let me get all the down into the pile.” - C. Chandler

"I bought my first Compost Crank more than 15 years ago in Brooklyn at a composting event. It is probably my favorite gardening tool because it makes composting so incredibly easy. I still have that first one, which is such a simple, elegant, sturdily-made tool that it works just as well as the first day I used it. I just bought a second crank so that I won’t have to transport my original one back and forth every week between my house and my summer cabin in the Catskills. I expect that I will be able to gift both cranks to my heirs!!! Well worth the cost." - Liz Miller

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Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Takes the pain out of turning my compost pile

This is the most popular compost tool of the year, according to the local Master Gardeners’ compost committee members. Works much better than the pole with little fins that pop out when pulling it up through the pile. Works best with chopped up materials.


A bit rickety - works but not *that* well. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend.

Fritz Oppliger
superb tool.

Superb product and fanatically dedicated people ensuring the user is satisfied.
The tool is just the right size for the average human - easy to screw deep into the pile to be opened, not too greedy so the extracted plug is not too heavy,
I am. SO. Satisfied.

Heather Esteban
Just what I needed and didn't know 'til I found it.

I was on the hunt to repurpose an large plastic toy box in the garage to a composte bin. Searches on the internet showed barrels being rolled, huge pitch forks turning giant outdoor piles and one even had a contraption of a pig rotisserie made into a internally mounted crank of sorts in a large box. It was getting more complicated, the more I searched. And then I stumbled upon the Compost Crank! Best. Thing. Ever.

Susan Sie
Save your back, get a Crank!

The service I received from this company exceeded any expectations I had and the quality of the product is well worth the price.